Across the globe, workers and their families struggle to survive. Some have suffered devastating natural disasters. Others toil under dangerous, unjust working conditions and are persecuted when they speak out. Some just need a leg up.


CLAC has been helping workers in Canada for 60 years, and around the world for 30. Through the CLAC Foundation, the efforts and ability to aid struggling workers and their families have been expanded. Now, CLAC, its members, signatory companies, and the general public can come together to make a difference in the lives of workers around the world.


Together, we can fund training for tradespeople in areas hit by natural disasters. We can provide aid to workers suffering dangerous working conditions. We can help workers in Canada prepare to re-enter the workforce. And we can raise awareness about the issues affecting workers around the world.


The CLAC Foundation is operated by a board of volunteers and is committed to ensuring over 95 percent of all donations are spent directly on the causes we support.


  1. To provide facilities, teaching tools, and other resources for the training and education  of workers to the betterment of those workers and the enhancement of the communities in which they reside.
  2. To provide training and education to workers in locations within Canada and around the world that have suffered crises and disasters to enable those workers to provide disaster relief and reconstruction services to their communities.
  3. To promote aid and development policies and the benefit of trade and economic relationships.
  4. To partner with other registered Canadian charities to provide education and disaster relief to countries and areas that have suffered disasters.
  5. To support, financially and otherwise, other registered Canadian charities whose objectives and activities are compatible with the objectives of the CLAC Foundation.
  6. To educate the public about human dignity, the promotion of workers’ rights, and the benefits of an orderly and just society in the context of labour.


Positive, rewarding and fulfilling work for the marginalized which contributes to the transformation of lives and communities.