Positive, rewarding and fulfilling work for the marginalized which contributes to the transformation of lives and communities.



The CLAC Foundation is looking for qualified candidates to join our Board of Directors


Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity? Have you been yearning to put your talent in strategic thinking, financial oversight, project management, non-profit fundraising, community or international development in the service of a great cause? Well, look no further! If you are committed to breaking down barriers to meaningful employment for marginalized communities in Canada and abroad, we are looking for you!


The CLAC Foundation is seeking individuals who want to bring their energy, compassion, and a variety of experiences (particularly in finance / accounting, policy review, events planning, community relationship building and/or fundraising) to provide leadership and expertise as part of our Board of Directors.


Our Mission:

The CLAC Foundation contributes for positive, rewarding and fulfilling work for all living in Canada and globally by:


Our Values:

- The Purpose of Work: We are committed to the necessity and opportunity of just, positive, and fulfilling work and economic opportunity as a foundation for poverty-alleviation, capacity-building, agency, and opportunity that can lead to human flourishing in society.


- Community-Based: We are committed to journeying together to accomplish a shared goal, develop local leadership through collective empowerment as we celebrate and focus on the inherent strengths of the community.


- Partnership: We are committed to building relationships characterized by mutual cooperation and shared responsibility toward the achievement of a specified goal.


- Justice: We are committed to pursuing justice and practical reconciliation toward the overcoming of barriers to employment for marginalized communities, motivated by the inherent dignity of each individual.


- Equality: We are committed to inclusive representation and believe that the inherent dignity, potential, and agency of each person regardless of ethnic, cultural, racial, gender, sexual, religious, or socioeconomic classification.


- Collaboration: We are committed to cultivating common ground within our diversity, modeling mutual respect and effective collaboration toward the peace and well-being of the community.


- Hope: We are committed to fostering transformation by giving voice to the marginalized communities by creating an environment where their hopes can be both celebrated and worked toward.


We are looking for candidates who will:


We ask each board applicant to respond briefly to the following questions:


Board members serve for a term of 3-years with first terms phased in as 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year terms. If you are interested in being considered for our board, please contact Robyn Haarsma by Sunday, May 12, 2019 at